Cellink NEO Battery (Automobile Black box Power)
Cellink NEO Battery (Automobile Black box Power) Power Solution Driving Video Recorder (DVR) Singapore, Toa Payoh Supplier, Supply, Wholesaler, Distributor | Fumitshu (S) Pte Ltd
  • EGEN Inc.
Product Warranty
  • 1 year limited warranty
Product specifications

Input power Cigar lighter socket: 12V~17V_6.5A MAX
Fuse box: 12V~17V_13.5A MAX
Output power 11V~14.5V_2A MAX
Charged voltage/current Cigar lighter socket: DC 14.6V_5A
Fuse box: DC16.4V_9A
Charging time Cigar lighter socket (5A Charging): Within 80 minutes
Fuse box (9A Charging): Within 40 minutes
Hours of use About 25hours-Based on 2-CH dashcam within 3WH power consumption
Battery used LiFePo4
Product capacity 12.8V, 6000mA, 76.8Wh
Dimensions and weight 157(W) x 171(L) x 39.5(T) / 1,400g
°       Cellink Neo is the latest model for cellink battery
°       It is definitely faster and smarter
°       Cellink Neo built- in and communicates through smarthphone app to check information such as charging and usable time with easy and ease.
°      It can be charged fully within 40 minutes to enjoy up 48 hours of parking mode
°      The battery operation is interrupted by overheating protection function when the internal temperature of the battery pack reaches 80°C or above
ü  Fast charging with high capacity LifePo4 Battery
ü  Advanced technology with safety features
ü   Protects car warranty and prevents electrical error

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